Still Meditating in Troubled Times, 2022

Paul R. Fleischman will be giving a talk on Sunday, April 10, 3:15-4:30pm US Eastern Time titled “Still Meditating in Troubled Times, 2022.” Vipassana offers a wide array of psychological skills and tools with which to confront troubled times. Once again, with a war that threatens everyone, we are facing challenges that require us to use our meditation to find mental balance and helpful attitudes. This talk focuses on developing a realistic perspective, similar to the one that the Buddha used when he described the Four Noble Truths. Then, a useful set of practices that stem from Vipassana will be discussed, including the important role of body sensations, the value and problem of fear, and the development of attitudes like gratitude, loving kindness, friendship with other meditators and the volition to help other people. By facing suffering directly, we can use our situation to advance on the Path.

There will be a group sitting from 2:00-3:00 pm (EST), before the talk.
*Please note that this session is only for old students.

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