Current Covid-19 Protocols for Courses

During this pandemic period we have been happy to be able to continue offering courses, although for a smaller number of students than usual. As of May 2022, we can safely accommodate approximately 85 students and 15 servers each course.

We recognize that many want to sit courses, and we will do our best to help applicants with this process. We recommend that you apply for courses as soon as they open on our schedule page, typically at 6:00 AM EST, six months before the course begins. Courses fill up within days of opening. Upon receipt, all applicants will be placed on the waiting list, and we will be in touch shortly thereafter.

Center management will email each and every student and server accepted and enrolled for courses approximately two weeks before the course begins to more fully outline the protocols for being at the center during this time. PLEASE be sure that you thoroughly read these emails. The most important thing is ensuring that everyone who comes to the center is healthy.

Therefore, although we are transitioning into more relaxed COVID protocols, we require the following for all who come to the center:

Testing Requirements

Everyone coming will need to fulfill the following requisites:

  • A negative antigen/rapid result test the day before arriving at the center. Additionally, a negative antigen/rapid test on the day the course begins.
  • Students must bring two additional rapid tests for testing on the third day and later on if there is an infection.

Masks Requirements

  • We require KN95, KF94 or N95 masks. Surgical, double layered cloth masks, bandanas, gaiters or similar coverings are not acceptable.
  • We ask that all course participants wear masks in all public spaces, and maintain social distancing at all times. Masks may be taken off in your room, outside, in your assigned Pagoda cell or at your assigned seat in the dining hall when eating (must wear mask unless seated and eating/drinking).

Transportation to VMC

Participants may now use public transportation or the rideshare board online to travel to the center. However, if you are traveling from afar (i.e., more than a single day’s drive) please contact the center upon enrollment to make arrangements. Everyone coming to the center should have a viable emergency exit strategy. Please make these arrangements before arriving at the center.

Local meditators who wish to come sit or serve at the center should contact the office beforehand.

Because of the evolving pandemic situation, the above guidelines may change at any time.