On Travel Arrangements

Please make all of your travel plans (to and from) before arriving at the center, as you will not have access to your cell phone from the time the course begins until after the course is completed. Please ensure that your departure time from the Center is after 7:30AM. This will allow adequate time for the closing of the course on the final day. Students should make proper travel arrangements, allowing sufficient time for travel to and from bus and train stations and airports. If you have any difficulty, please do not hesitate to call us at (413) 625-2160 x0.

Dhamma Dharā has no affiliation with any of the below travel services. Please send corrections to the Webmaster.

Travel Information By Car, Bus, and Air:

Dhamma Dharā is located in the town of Shelburne, Massachusetts, approximately 6 miles west of the the town of Greenfield, 6 miles east of the village of Shelburne Falls, in the western part of the state.

Our address is: 386 Colrain-Shelburne Road, Shelburne, MA 01370, USA (see also the Contact page).


For students already enrolled in a course, or considering applying for a course: Ride Share information will be included in your acceptance letter.

Region Map

Region Map

By Car

MapQuest directions to the Vipassana Meditation Center (fill in your starting location and press “Get Directions”)

From BOSTON: (2 hours) Either take Interstate 90 West (Mass. Turnpike) to Interstate 91 and head north on I-91 to Exit 26 (Mohawk Trail), or take Route 2 West to I-91 and head south to Exit 26.  Then follow the map below.

From NEW YORK: (4 hours) Take Interstate 95 North, then Interstate 91 North to Exit 26 in Massachusetts, and then follow the map below. By bus, take Peter Pan to Springfield, then switch over to Vermont Transit, to Greenfield. See below for additions information.
MapQuest directions from New York City to the Vipassana Meditation Center

From MONTREAL: (5 hours) Cross the Champlain Bridge and take the Eastern Townships Autoroute 10 to Exit 22.  Then follow Autoroute 35 South through St. Jean and the Philipsburg border-crossing to U.S. Interstate 89 South.  At White River Junction, switch to Interstate 91 South, and in Massachusetts get off at Exit 26 onto Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail) and follow the map below.

From BRADLEY AIRPORT [BDL](Hartford/Springfield): MapQuest directions from Bradley Airport to the Vipassana Meditation Center

From I-91 EXIT 26 in Massachusetts: Follow Route 2 West (Mohawk Trail) towards North Adams. After about three miles you will see a Greenfield Co-operative Bank ATM on your left. Take the very next right-hand turn onto Colrain-Shelburne Road, approximately 100 feet after the ATM. (Signs point to Colrain and Jacksonville, VT.) Follow this road for about two miles until you see the Vipassana Meditation Center sign on your left.

To offer a ride to other students, please visit the Vipassana Rideshare Board for Dhamma Dharā using the link found in your acceptance letter.


Train Map

By Train

Note: This information was accurate as of December 30, 2014.
Students and Servers need to arrive at Dhamma Dharā by 5 pm.

Greenfield Amtrak Station (GFD)
(800) USA-RAIL,
About 15 minutes from Dhamma Dharā

  • 12 Olive Street, Greenfield, MA 01301
  • One arrival per day. Price and schedule may vary.
  • Once you arrive in Greenfield, an individual or group can take a 15 minute Taxi directly to Dhamma Dhara.
  • It is best for students to congregate and book a taxi together to save money. You are welcome to use the ride-share board for this purpose.
  • “About Town Taxi” from Greenfield: (413) 774-4000

Springfield Amtrak Station (SPG)
(800) USA-RAIL,
About 60 minutes from Dhamma Dharā

  • 66 Lyman Street, Springfield, MA 01103
  • The Amtrak station in Springfield, Massachusetts has several arrivals per day.
  • Requires a taxi drive to the center, which may cost $80 – $110.
  • About Town Taxi recently quoted $106, but you should contact them for yourself to confirm: (413) 774-4000.
  • A to Z transport: (413) 687-9317.
  • Pioneer Valley Tours can be contacted at They will provide quotes on group travel, maximum 10 people, within MA only.

Brattleboro Amtrak Station (BRA)
(800) USA-RAIL,
About 30 minutes from Dhamma Dharā

  • 10 Vernon Road, Brattleboro, VT 05301.
  • Brattleboro is located 26 miles Northeast of Shelburne and a taxi is required to reach the center. Brattleboro Taxi can be reached at (802) 254-6446.

By Bus

These companies provide service to Greenfield, MA (about 15 minutes from Dhamma Dharā by taxi), Amherst or Northampton, MA (about 30 minutes from Dhamma Dharā by taxi) and Springfield, MA (about 45 minutes from Dhamma Dharā by taxi). Please call them or check their website for travel info.

Greenfield Bus Station
About 15 minutes from Dhamma Dharā

  • There are two Greyhound bus from New York City to Greenfield MA that will get you to Dhamma Dharā on time.
    • The first leaves Port Authority at approximately 5:30 am. Registration at the Center will open at 2:00 pm.
    • The second leaves Port Authority at approximately 10:30am and arrives in Greenfield at 4:14pm.
  • About Town Taxi, (413) 774-4000.
  • There is another Greyhounds/PeterPan bus leaving NYC at 2:15pm that arrives too late. Do not take this bus.
  • There is a bus that leaves Boston at 12:01pm and arrives in Greenfield at 4:14pm.

Amherst Bus Station
About 30 minutes from Dhamma Dharā

  • Located 25 miles away from Dhamma Dharā
  • There are several Peter Pan buses from NYC to Amherst MA, leaving at 5:30am, 8:00am,10:30am.
  • From Amherst, one can hire a taxi service to get to the center. Do not take any later bus as you will not be able to reach the center on time.
  • Megabus offers service from New York City, departing at 12:20pm from 34th St. between 11th Ave. and 12th Ave. Arriving in Amherst/Hadley at 4:40pm at the Hampshire Mall between Cinemark and the Arizona Pizza Company. Fares range from $1-25, depending on how full the bus is.
  • Celebrity Cab, approximately $100. (413) 253-7330.
  • FRTA service twice a day from Amherst to Greenfield:
    From the JWO Transit center in Greenfield, you can take a taxi to Dhamma Dharā.

Northampton Bus Station
About 30 minutes from Dhamma Dharā

  • There are several Peter Pan buses from NYC to Northampton, MA, leaving at 5:30am, 8:00am,10:30am.
  • From Northampton, one can hire a taxi service to get to the center. Do not take any later bus as you will not be able to reach the center on time.
  • FRTA service several times a day from Northampton to Greenfield: From the JWO Transit center in Greenfield, you can take a taxi to Dhamma Dharā.

By Air

Bradley International Airport (BDL)

  • Closest Airport to Dhamma Dharā, located In Hartford, Connecticut
  • Located 60 Miles from Dhamma Dharā
  • Approximately 1 hour driving time to Dhamma Dharā
  • You can take a Shuttle (about 1 hour) Please book as far in advance as possible. Last minute reservations are more expensive. Rates valid as of August 24, 2011.
  • Taxi Service from Bradley Airport
    • Valley Transporter: (800) 872-8752 or (413) 253-1350, will transport directly to the Center. Prices from Bradley Airport (BDL): 1 person – $88.55 each way incl. tip, 2 people $113.55, 3+ people traveling together +$15 each person each way, except for travel around the holidays, when prices vary.
  • Inexpensive Bus Service from Bradley Airport
    • The Bradley Flyer ( bus leaves Bradley Airport every hour or two, starting at 4:40am, from the Lower Levels of Terminals A and B. It costs $1.50 and takes you to downtown Hartford, Connecticut, in about 35 minutes, where you can then walk 5 minutes to the Union Street Greyhound Station. From Hartford, CT to Greenfield, MA
    • Depart for Greenfield, Massachusetts at 8:45 am and 6:15 pm and cost $26 – $31 one way, taking 2 hours. Please note that all students should arrive between 2 and 4pm, so the 6:15pm bus is not typically suitable for use.
    • From Greenfield, you can take a short (7 miles) taxi ride to Dhamma Dhara for about $16 by calling About Town Taxi – (413) 774-4000. Please note: this travel option turns a 1 hour trip into approx. 3-4 hours, but is less expensive than taking a Shuttle (above). You must take the 7:42am Bradley Flyer to arrive in Greenfield by 11am, the only option that allows you to arrive at Dhamma Dhara before 5pm.

Logan Airport (BOS)

  • Located in Boston (about 2.5 hours from Dhamma Dharā)
  • For detailed transportation information to and from Boston Logan call, 1-800 23 Logan.
  • Taxi service is available from each terminal (arrival) curbside.
  • Airport T (metro) shuttle service is provided between airline terminals and subway.
  • The Silver Line will connect you to the Red Line and Commuter Rail at South Station.
  • From South station, you can take a bus or Amtrak train to Greenfield, which takes about 4 hours. Check with Greyhound, Peter Pan, or Amtrak.
  • You can also contact Valley Transporter (800) 872-8752 or Thomas Transportation (800) 526-8143 to check prices.

From Kennedy Airport (JFK) in New York City
About 3 hours driving time from Dhamma Dharā
There’s an online planner that will show you the options and times to get from JFK to the NYC bus or train stations. From Port Authority or Grand Central Station, look for a bus or train to Greenfield, Amherst, or Springfield MA.

Rental Cars

From Boston Logan Airport (BOS)
Budget will rent one way to Springfield, MA. National and Enterprise don’t do one way rentals to Western MA.